Visit Canada as a Tourist

Every year Canada welcomes more than 35 million visitors to enjoy the many opportunities and attractions our country has to offer. You may want to visit Canada for many reasons including, visiting family and friends, enjoying our vast greenlands and scenic views or just simply visiting our major cities.  Regardless of your reasons to visit Canada, we can help you obtain the necessary travel documents required to facilitate your visit.


At Canada B&N Immigration Consultancy our experienced consultants will work with you personally to assess your individual situation and provide you with the necessary advice you need to make an informed decision.


Basic Requirements

To visit Canada, you must:
  • have a valid travel document (i.e. passport)
  • be in good health
  • satisfy the immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of the period authorized for your stay
  • satisfy the immigration officer that you have sufficient ties in your home country that will take you back to your country of origin
  • have a sufficient amount of money for your stay
You may also need:
  • a temporary resident (visitor) visa, depending on your current citizenship
  • a medical exam
  • a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada

Keep in mind that the above requirements are not an inclusive list and you may be subject to other requirements as well.

Additionally you may be subject to admissibility requirements that focus on your criminal history, national security and social systems in Canada, among others.

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