Investors, Entrepreneurs & Self-Employed Persons

For those individuals seeking to come to Canada as a part of the business immigration category, there a few different routes you may take depending on your unique situation and needs.  The primary focus of Canada’s business immigration programs is to attract those individuals with proven business experience who can help support the development of a strong and sustainable Canadian economy.  You must demonstrate that you have had business success in the past and that you can replicate that success in Canada while adapting to any differences Canada may have compared to your country of nationality.  Our Toronto immigration consultants have a strong focus and specialization in the business immigration category.  We work hard to ensure that if you are applying under this immigration category that your paperwork is expedited so that you can come to Canada as a business immigrant as soon as possible.  Our Toronto immigration consultants will ensure that your application is a top priority when being prepared to submit to the government because, generally speaking, there are usually no wait times for these types of applications.  There are of course exceptions to this in times when there is a back log of applications that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada is trying to clear.  Depending on your unique situation, there are a few different types of business classes you may apply under.


Investors – The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) is focused on attracting experienced business people who can make a significant investment into Canada’s economy.  To qualify under this category as a permanent resident you must:

  • prove that you have business experience
  • have a minimum net worth of C$($300,00 - 1,600,000 depending on the province) that was obtained legally
  • make an investment of C$($100,00 - 800,000 depending on province) *returned without interest in about five years and three months


Entrepreneurs – The Entrepreneur Program is for those individuals who have strong business experience and who will own and actively manage a business in Canada that will employ local Canadians.  This will help to contribute to the Canadian economy as well as create jobs.  Canada has recently implemented a new Start Up Visa program that is linked to helping entrepreneurs start a business in Canada.  To qualify under this program you must:

  • demonstrate that your idea has been funded by angel investors or a venture capital fund who provide you with a letter of support
  • meet the minimum language requirements
  • meet the minimum education requirements
  • prove that you have the necessary funds to support yourself and your family once you arrive in Canada

Self-Employed Persons

Self-Employed Persons – The Self-Employed Persons Program is aimed towards those individuals who intend and are able to become self employed in Canada.  To qualify under this category you must:

  • have the relevant work experience and intention to become self employed in Canada
  • meet the selection criteria for self employed persons in Canada
  • meet the medical, security and financial requirements

Business Experts

Business immigration in Canada is one of the most favourable categories in Canada and the government is usually pretty eager to help these immigrants arrive in Canada as quickly as possible as there are tremendous benefits to the Canadian economy and society as a whole.  Our Toronto immigration consultants will help you determine the best class of business immigration under which to apply so that you application is successful and you can come to Canada as quickly as possible.  For a consultation and assessment, please click here to apply online now and get started.

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