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Legal Immigration is Increasing in Canada- Why?

Many would believe that developed countries like Canada will have a hard time reopening borders and immigration offices due to the pandemic. While it is true that the pandemic was a global economic and immigration hit, it actually maybe have given the right push or momentum for countries like Canada to refresh their outlook on the immigration system and take the negative impacts of the pandemic into a brighter outlook.

A Decline in Birthrates

The decline of the birthrate in Canada has been a decade long process.

“we’re more than a half a kid short of replacement value”

Iposes Public Affairs pollster Darrell Bricker

United States

United States has also been seeing this decline for nearly a decade and in 2019 has experiecned the lowest percentage in about 35 years.


What’s also shocking suprising is that we see a similar trend in Europe as well. For example France has been declining in their birthrate despite the fact that they typically have a high fertility rate.


In Australia, we also see a similar trend as the Bureau of Statistics showed the country’s birth rate was yet again, below the population replace levels.

Why is a Decline Birthrates a Problem?

As we see a decline in the birthrate worldwide its crucial to understand why its actually a problem, espcially for developed countires such as Canada.

Population Replacement

A developed country as Canada was built on the working class-and supports large and small business which make up a large sum of the economy. It important to have a supply of younger, working-age Canadians that can sustain the social services that their parents, grandparents are counting on. The older generation needs to pass on to the younger generation their investments, businesses, and jobs. Who can replace them if there are noone to replace them with?

The Solution

Since there is a lack of “population replacement” could one of the solutions be a robust immgration system as a effort to supply ready employees for the insufficient numbers or native-born Canadians? Most certainly! There is such a huge supply of international and well educated professionals who have skills in engineering, science, technology, and medicene. Canada is opening it’s borders to welcome such talented individuals as an effort to supply the need while the birthrate bounces back.

An Overview of Canada’s Fertility Rate

In order to maintain a population’s status quo, typically a country should have a replacement rate of 2.1 births per women.

We can see that in Canada’s case, that quota has been below that or 50 years, as similar to most development countries.

What is the cause of the decrease in birthrates?

The recent pandemic which began officially in 2020 is a cause of a lot of unexpected results, especially in population decline. It can be theorized that due to the increase in labor-force for women, it takes a hit in cost of living- however, to pin point the exact cause driving the baby bust isn’t clear. What is evident however, is that the pandemic greatly impacted families economically resulting in this decline.

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